The Association conducts various programs to meet the growing demand for blood. Major programs conducted by the association are in the field of donor education, motivation, donation and recognition. All programs conducted are entirely from voluntary contribution.

Educational activities

  • School Education Program:

    The School Education Program which was initiated since the inception of the Association with a view to educate and motivate the school students to donate blood on attaining the age of 18. Under this program school students are educated about the basic blood science and blood donation and essay, painting and oratory competition on “voluntary blood donation and safe blood” is organized. This program is helping to prepare future non-remunerated voluntary blood donor in the country.

  • Training for Blood Donor Motivators

    Blood Donor Motivators training program is organized to train volunteers to motivate, recruit and retain voluntary blood donors.

Motivational activities

  • Seminars

    At the request of local organizations, prior to holding of blood donation camps, motivational sessions including an introductory speech delivered by volunteers of the Association, followed by question-answers are regularly held.

    Interaction and other motivational and informative programs are organized to enhance the relationship between voluntary blood donors, blood donor organizations, BLODAN and Blood Transfusion services.

  • Blood Requisition Form

    Blood Requisition Form is issued to the donor organization when they organized donation camp. The implementation of the Blood requisition form has enhanced the relationship between the Blood Transfusion service and the blood donor organization thus helping remarkably in increasing the collection of blood.


  • Regular Donation Camps

    Member organizations are mobilized throughout the years to organize blood donation camps. New organization, organization other than member organizations are also motivated to organize donation camps.

  • Special Camps, Emergency Camps

    Special donation camps are organized during special occasion and emergency donation camps are organized when there is shortage of blood.

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