• Creating the condition for availability of  blood by non remunerated to all needy patient in Nepal.
  • Building and escalating the coordination among scattered blood donating organization & volunteer blood donors, helping to achieve the objectives of Nepal Red Cross Blood Transfusion Service.
  • Conducting motivational program related to blood donation for achieving 100% Non Remunerated safety voluntary blood donation stimulating to others.
  • Increasing the awareness of blood donation among public.
  • Representing National/International organanization and conducting blood donation related all program & stimulate.
  • Publication and distribution of audio/video and other materials related to blood and blood donation.
  • It is non profit and social welfare organization.
  • Operation of ambulance service to assist voluntary blood donation and blood transfusion centre.
  • Operation of mobile van for emergency blood collection.
  • Program organize to prevent/minimize the blood transfuse disease as HIV/Aids, Hepatitis etc.

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