Blood Members Nepal App Launch With A Press Meet



The emergence of Information and Technology in the voluntary movement, in the blood voluntary movement.

BLODAN , CLub 25 Nepal, Digital Agency Catmandu and Fulpati Group came with an movement to minimize the scarcity of blood.

Blood Members Nepal is the program initiated by Blood Donors Association Nepal , Club 25 Nepal, Digital Agency Catmandu and Fulpati Group. The main target of this application is to find the blood donors when needed. No one does have to panic to search blood during scarcity in blood banks. Our huge database will serve you as a good volunteer in finding the blood donors.
We had came with an theme of “Blood Bank in you finger tips”.
The database we have are with the consent of the donors.

Please register and make the database huge and be a hero.
Your one pint of blood can save three lives.


Please download the application, register and share.


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