Some Asian countries, particularly Japan and South Korea, put importance on a person’s blood type, believing that it has something to do with your personality and temperament. In Japan, people use blood types to introduce themselves in class, find partners in life, and hire people for jobs. Anime and comic book characters also have blood types to match their personalities. For them knowing their blood type is essential that 90% of the Japanese know their blood type -it comes as a surprise if someone doesn’t know their blood type.


A widespread belief on the studies that showed each blood type has a personality profile and because of this some Japanese use this to their advantage. For example, Japan’s former Prime Minister Taro Aso revealed he’s a Type A in his official profile on the internet when he ran for the office all because his rival, Ichiro Ozawa, is a known type B. Type A’s are known to be creative, very sensible and responsible while Type B’s are passionate but are believed to be selfish and irresponsible. It wasn’t a surprise to all that  Aso won the elections. Whether he won because of his blood type or not, we cannot tell.


What about you? Do you know the blood group you belong to? Are you interested in knowing who else shares your blood type? Find out below the blood types of some of the world’s famous people and a short description of their supposed personality. Check if the characteristics attributed to each blood type match theirs!

oPeople with this blood group are trend setters, loyal, passionate, confident and independent. They are ambitious, outgoing expressive, peaceful and highly motivated people. This group is the most flexible of the blood types and is considered as the best type in Japan. However, their other traits include arrogance, insensitivity, vanity, jealousy, greedy, ruthlessness and their unreliability.


Famous Warriors include: musicians John Lennon, Elvis Presley, Liam & Noel Gallagher, Crystal Kay; actor Paul Newman; and world leaders Queen Elizabeth II, Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev.



In Anime, characters like Quatre, Sailor Moon, Saito Hajime, Kamiya Kaoru and Tamahome are Type O.

AFarmers are calm, patient, sensitive, overcautious and reserved. This group of people is believed to be responsible, artistic, shy, very serious and level headed. The worst traits of Farmers are their being stubborn, obsessive, self-conscious and uptight.


Among the famous Farmers are: former U.S. Presidents George Bush Senior, Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon; musicians Ringo Starr, Britney Spears, Rick James and Maki Nomiya; actors Alan Alda and Jet Li; German politician Adolf Hitler; and Japanese novelist Soseki Natsume.

In Anime, characters who are Farmers are: The Third Hokage, Haruno Sakura, Hotohori, Heero Yui, and Keiko (Kayko) Yukimura.

BHunters are strong, wild, unpredictable, creative, flexible and optimistic. They are also creative, passionate, optimistic, animal loving and individualistic. But they can also be forgetful, self-centered and irresponsible.


Among the famous Hunters are: actors Jack Nicholson, Leonardo DiCaprio and Mia Farrow; musicians Paul McCartney and Luciano Pavarotti; Japanese film director Akira Kurosawa; and football player Vince Young.


In Anime, characters who are Hunters are: Naruto, Duo Maxwell, Miaka, Nuriko, Tasuki, Sagara and Sanosuke.

ABHumanists are cool, controlled, rational, sociable and popular. Sometimes they are introverted, indecisive, unforgiving and critical. This is considered the worst blood type because they are like loose cannons and they like to set their own conditions.

Among the famous Humanists are: actors Jackie Chan and Marilyn Monroe; musician Mick Jagger; former U.S. President John F. Kennedy; inventor Thomas Edison; and mixed martial artist Bob Sapp.


In Anime, characters who belong to this blood group are Uchiha Sasuke, Hongo Yui, Tomo, Trowa Barton, Kenshin, and these characters are likely villains.

Now, do these famous people fit into the characteristics of their blood types? I bet some of you find that some traits of their blood type are spot on. There are also some of you who just don’t find the traits true for their blood type and personality. Putting attributes to each blood type was just a hype created by a Japanese author that will either boost or break a person’s confidence. The scientific community, however, clarifies that this belief has no clinical studies or tests to back up the idea’s authenticity.

There is nothing wrong in knowing your blood type. Wouldn’t it feel nice to know that you share the same blood group with your favorite artist or athlete? The only catch that makes this whole thing wrong is when we begin to stereotype a person based on their blood type, that unconsciously breeds prejudice. Of course, you won’t allow this to happen, will yah?


Source : Blood Banker


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