Collection of authentic donor data

BLODAN and club25nepal have come up with a big step in which both will be collecting data from the blood donors with their consent. This will be the biggest authentic database of blood donors in Nepal.

The features of this database are:

  1. The donors list is displayed randomly. 
    When we search for a donor, the donors on  the first page gets the call most often and this can be harassing to them. Our search result eliminates this harassment.
  2. Recent blood donors are hidden from the search list.
    Usually what happens is a donor gets a call for blood donation even if the donor has recently donated blood. So a donor can be irritated with such kind of phone calls. Our search result hides male donors if their last donation hasn’t crossed 3 months and the female donors whose last donation hasn’t crossed 4 months. For this, the donors have to login and update their last donated date.
  3. Authentic data.
    The data in our search result will all be authentic, filled by the donors themselves with their own consent. There is no copying from other websites, no buying of donors list.

Become an authentic blood donor now. Follow the links below to add yourself.
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