Donate Blood To Give Back Life

As a child, who isn’t scared of needles? I bet we all feared those sharp vaccines needles that we got in our childhood. While I got one for the last time on high school, I promised myself that this would be last thing I would want to deal with. Till this date too, the thought of needle piercing through my skin frightens me but the fear is different now.

Once early in the morning, I was going to the college in bike. As I was passing by a narrow road, suddenly a stray dog started barking at me. At first I took it causally but as the other dogs started to bark and run towards me, I got scared. The only thing I could think of was to drive fast but it was already late and I got bitten badly. Although I did not want to face the needle once again I had to. I went to the hospital to get the vaccine where I encountered a newly appointed nurse. I could tell she was new in profession due to the way she injected and the facial expression shown by a man who got injected just before me. The five days of forceful insertion of the needle in my body against rabies was traumatic.


After few years of this incident, I got an opportunity to attain a program at Club 25. I had no interest on attaining the program related to nightmare. I was pretty sure that it was going to be boring but my assumption turned wrong. The information related to blood, blood donation, HIV, AIDs and others were quite informative and interesting. I had no idea that blood was so important to us. Blood donation was saving the life of millions of people worldwide. After attaining that program, I was motivated to be a part of it as soon as possible.

After few months, club 25 once more organized a program at Pulchowk and my friend invited me, however he did not have to force me this time. Once again I had the chance to learn but this time we not only learnt, but joined the club. After few weeks of joining, we received a call informing us to donate blood. Blood was needed to an elderly man who had to operate. After receiving the call from patient’s family, we without any delay went to the blood bank. We met the family who needed blood and then together went to the doctor. But the doctor told us that my blood type did not match with the patient. There was a miscommunication. We planned to return but I did not feel good and felt as if I am running away again. I was sad but somewhere in me was saying I do need to donate.  So, instantly I decided to donate and did donate.

I could not have been happier to save someone’s life and getting over my fear. The feeling of content was unexplainable and it was a true bliss. That’s when I realized that the only thing scarier than those needles is the fear of losing someone and feeling guilty that you could be the one to save that life by donating your blood. After that incident, I promised myself to donate my blood every time I can.


To the young and healthy it’s no loss. To sick its hope of life. Donate Blood to give back life.

Article By: Suresh Maharjan
Executive Member, Club25 Nepal


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