Interaction Program on Role of youth in blood



Interaction Program on Role of youth in blood management was held at Fresco

Restro, New Baneshwor , Kathmandu on above mentioned date from 11:30 AM to 3:15 PM.The program

was attended by 55 total participants from 24 differrent colleges within Kathmandu valley.In addition

Club25 Nepal BOD members and some members of Nepal Red Cross Society were present at the

program.The program coordinated by Ashok Paudel (Executive Member,Club25 Nepal) was held on

chairmanship of Aryan Uprety (President,Club25 Nepal) and chief guest Dr. Manita Rajkarnikar

(Director,NRCS,Blood transfusion Service) and guests from different fields viz  Ramesh Dhoj Basnet

(Vice-President,BLODAN), Binod Tuladhar (Incharge,Club25 Nepal)Jeevan Basnet (President,Friends of

Rh Negative), Ujwal KC (President,Haemophilia Society), Sandesh Thapa (PRO,NRCS) and Raj Bahadur Giri

(Trainer,Kathmandu training centre). The program was sponsored by ONCE Institute New

Baneswor, Fresco Restro & Bar, PS Enterprise, Ramit Shrestha,  Enlight Nepal & Nepal Vegetarian Association.



The program was started with the welcome speech of Ashok Paudel (Program Coordinator) who

enlighten about the program objectives and module along with welcoming guests and participants.In

the program Speaker Sandesh Thapa put a presentation about the blood,blood donations,Present

Scenario regarding voluntary blood donations and blood demand.He discussed with the participants

about the importance and requirements of blood donations.His presentation lasted for about one and a

half hours where he interacted with the participants about the different topics regarding blood and

blood movement.The participants found the presentation interesting and got an opportunity to learn

different facts regarding blood and blood movement.His presentation is followed by short quiz regarding

blood and blood movement where participants were asked different questions regarding the topic and

were awarded for every correct answers.Participants being able to answer almost all of the answers

correctly revealed that the presentation was effective.




After a short ice-breaking moment, Mr. Raj Bahadur Giri conducted a workshop on Role of youth in blood management.During the

workshop,Participants were dived into different groups and given different scenarios regarding blood

movement and were asked to discuss among the group members and present to the hall.Various

creative ideas and opinions were discovered at the end of workshop.Two best groups were awarded at

the end as per the judgement of guests.Participants found the workshop interesting and eagerly

participated on it.



The program was then addressed by the chairman Aryan Uprety, who along with

thanking the participants and guests also gave a presentation on Know Cub25 Nepal.During his

presentation,he gave information about the  Club25 Nepal’s objective,goals and achievements.






And the end of the program,the participants were awarded certificates and guest were given

Token of Love.The program was  concluded with the short speech of Chief Guest Dr. Manita Rajkarnikar

.The Chief guest thanked the organizer & participants for the program.She also shared her experience as

Club25 member during her young age.She motivated youths for blood donation and active participation

in the blood  management.After the end of official program,



All the participants and guests were given light snacks and beverages.

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