New Blood Bank opened in Nepal

Many of us have been victims of blood shortage when our near and dear ones need it the most. We rush to blood bank located at Bhrikutimandap just to hear that there is shortage of the blood group that we need. Then we stand there calling our friends, relatives to donate blood.

Thanks to Rotary clubs of Lalitpur, as they have moved a good step towards humanity, they have setup a new blood bank at Lalitpur. This is a good news to all the Nepalese citizens. We can now hope that there wont be shortage of blood and many lives can be saved. This blood bank, which is just the 2nd blood bank of the country has officially come into operation from 1st Shrawan 2071.

But just opening a blood bank is not sufficient for the needy. They have to store the blood. The blood in the blood bank comes from voluntary blood donation by people like you, people like me. So it is absolutely necessary for a healthy person to donate blood regularly. DOnating blood is not just four your health, not just for the blood bank to collect blood. Its for that dying person who is in need for the blood you donated. SO by donating blood, you are saving someones life. You are not only saving a persons life, but you are also saving a mother give birth to a baby. This years theme by WHO “Safe Blood For Saving Motherhood” demands voluntary healthy blood donors for saving motherhood.

The first official blood donation program for the newly opened blood bank was held at Pulchwok, Lalitpur on 19th July 2014. It was jointly organised by Sumeru group and Rotary Club of Mount Everest. About 300 pints of blood was collected during the event.

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